• Initial Visit: This appointment is usually 60 - 75 minutes and includes signing the consents necessary to initiate care with time to ask questions and explain the documents, time to collect labs (typically urinalysis and a blood draw), time to ask pregnancy related questions, discuss what is happening at the next visit, time to assess maternal vital signs, listen to baby's heart (10+ weeks), and take a pregnancy picture. 

  • Standard Prenatal Visit: This appointment usually lasts 45 minutes and includes answering client questions, discussing applicable testing available at that time, discussing what the next visit entails, assess maternal vital signs, listen to baby's heart rate (10+ weeks), and take a pregnancy picture. 

  • Standard Postpartum Visit: This appointment is usually 30-45 minutes and includes checking in with the mother regarding her physical and emotional well-being, a newborn weight check, and time allowed for asking questions. 

  • Final Postpartum Visit: This appointment is typically 60 minutes and includes time for asking questions, assessing the woman's physical and emotional wellbeing, a newborn weight check, labs if needed, and a pap smear if needed. It is recommended that if you need a pap smear to bring someone that can hold your baby while that is performed. 

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