*All appointments with an "*" are complimentary, no charge appointments.

  • *Pre-Conception Appointment: Come in to to meet me and find out ways to optimize conception and get to know the practice to see if it's a good fit for when you do get pregnant. 

  • *Pregnancy Testing: If you suspect you are pregnant, feel free to come in and have a urine pregnancy test performed, FREE! If you'd like to follow the test up with standard pregnancy blood work, there is an additional fee that can be billed to insurance. 

  • *Meet & Greet: This appointment is usually 30 - 60 minutes long and allows you to ask questions about midwifery care, how I practice, what sort of equipment I bring and to see if we're a compatible fit for your pregnancy. 

  • Initial Visit: This appointment is usually 60 - 75 minutes and includes signing the consents necessary to initiate care with time to ask questions and explain the documents, time to collect labs (typically urinalysis and a blood draw), time to ask pregnancy related questions, discuss what is happening at the next visit, time to assess maternal vital signs, listen to baby's heart (10+ weeks), and take a pregnancy picture. 

By Appointment Only
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