About Midwife Terah

When I had my first daughter at 16 years old, I later learned how fortunate I was to be treated with respect and dignity, and to have had an empowering experience. Midwifery care changed my life. As a single, teen parent, I set off on a journey to support my daughter and I.  I worked as a medical assistant while attending midwifery school and now I have attended well over 700 births as a midwife. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of midwifery for the last 15 years and in healthcare for the last 20 years.

I have gone on to have five children who were all born with midwives! If I'm not helping people have a baby, you'd find me studying! I'm currently pursuing additional degrees in Spanish and Psychology for future medical school. I am also proud to identify as Latina and Diné. I also enjoy traveling, growing my garden, knitting, and yoga. 

I have personally seen how important midwifery is for myself and I am truly honored to walk beside you on this journey into parenthood.


About Midwife Chemin (Starting July)

Chemin Pérez, LM is a Licensed Midwife and mother of 9 children. Chemin graduated from The National College Of Midwifery in 2013.  Her training includes certification in Neonatal Resuscitation and Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics.  She was blessed with the opportunity to serve as a midwife for the last 10 years in both intimate home birth settings and high volume community birthing centers. She is thankful to have been blessed with 9 beautiful children. Her off time is spent riding her horse, gardening, hiking and of course chasing kids with her husband!


Birth Attendants

At every birth, we bring two assistants, who are typically students actively enrolled in a midwifery program . Our students & assistants are professionally trained to offer some labor support, although their primary responsibility is to be a second set of hands for the midwife. Nearly all of the time, you will meet your birth assistant(s) before your birth. 

Heidi: Student/Assistant September 2021 - Current

"I just finished my second year at Mercy in Action College of Midwifery. I have gained observational experience over the past 5 years in birthwork, and after training to be a Doula, I started my journey into midwifery in 2019. Born at home myself, I had the dream to be a midwife from the tender age of 8 and I'm now thankful to be on track for that dream to come true. I am passionate about assisting in making safe and empowering birth experiences for midwifery clients. I have spent most of my life in the Northwest. I enjoy the outdoors, flower gardening, crafts, knitting baby hats, and writing music in my spare time. Besides this, I also serve as president of a non-profit young adult organization." -Heidi


Hannah: Student/Assistant September 2021 - Current

“I place the responsibility for sparking my interest in birth on my grandma, who, instead of babysitting me as planned, sent this wide-eyed three and a half year old along to her younger brother’s birth. From then on, I was fascinated by babies and birth, but it was years before midwifery appeared on my radar. Growing up in a naturally minded but also medical home in a rural part of Canada, I got lots of experience responding to medical emergencies as well as learning how to foster good health through simple, natural methods. After taking a step back from pre-nursing to reevaluate my chosen profession, I discovered midwifery. As I learned about the principles by which midwives practice, I knew instinctively that this was exactly what I had been looking for — client-centered continuity of care with emphasis on safeguarding the natural, healthy body processes. When the opportunity presented me to job shadow a midwife, I was overjoyed to accept, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I started training with Mercy In Action College of Midwifery in 2019, and I am excited to be joining the Foothills Midwifery team as a learner, a witness, and a guardian of the miracle of birth." -Hannah

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Currently interviewing for this position

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Victoria: Office Assistant October 2021 - Current

"Growing up as Terah’s daughter, life was especially busy and full of constant changes. This stuck with me into adulthood as I keep very busy with a variety of hobbies and side hustles including photography (just like my mom!), traveling, skiing, hiking, camping, art, makeup, and my moms personal favorite: babysitting. Foothills Midwifery is currently my third job, I may be busy but I like it that way and I feel lucky I get to work with and see my biggest role model in action. My long term goal is to travel and offer several different esthetician services including photography, makeup, waxing, facials, and lash extensions likely for weddings and other special occasions. I am grateful that I have a mom that sets the example of a strong, independent and determined woman who knows what she wants and puts in the work to get there. I hope I have even half of her resilience so I can one day live out my dreams too." -Tori


"The Midwives Model of Care is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes.

The Midwives Model of Care includes:​

  • Monitoring the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle

  • Providing the mother with individualized education, counseling, and prenatal care, continuous hands-on assistance during labor and delivery, and postpartum support

  • Minimizing technological interventions 

  • Identifying and referring women who require obstetrical attention 

The application of this woman-centered model of care has been proven to reduce the incidence of birth injury, trauma, and cesarean section."

Midwives Model of Care

Why Midwifery? 

Families choose out-of-hospital birth for a wide variety of reasons. Among those reasons include: safety, the desire for decreased intervention, and to have more control of their birth.

When women and their babies are screened well and “low-risk” is established, they are candidates for midwifery care. Midwives spend a tremendous amount of time with their clients, increasing safety for their client and their baby with thorough screening as well as developing a relationship that leads to a compatible and cohesive team for a woman’s birth. 



Midwives Association of Washington State

The Midwives Association of Washington State has set up guidelines for Licensed Midwives of Washington to reference. I agree with these standards and under nearly all circumstances, will adhere to their guidelines. I also support The Midwives Association of Washington State through my annual membership.