There is a 3% convenience fee for online payments. 

Depending on where you deliver, there are different fees.
For homebirth, expect to only be charged for midwifery care. 

If you deliver at the birth center, there is a midwifery care fee as well as a facility fee. 


Do you accept my insurance? 

I will bill any insurance company, benefits vary between plans. All Washington based insurance plans that pay for maternity care will pay midwives but I still encourage you to check with your insurance plan to verify your coverage with a licensed midwife. 

I am currently in network with most traditional/commercial insurance plans as well as most of the Apple Health plans. 

Do you accept Medicaid plans? Like Molina?


What if I don't have insurance? 

I accept cash paying patients and am happy to have my biller arrange payment plans. 


Do you work with an insurance biller? 
I have a professional contracted biller. Many of your billing questions may be answered by her, you can e-mail her with questions at