There is a 3% convenience fee for online payments. 

Depending on where you deliver, there are different fees.
For homebirth, expect to only be charged for midwifery care. 

If you deliver at the birth center, there is a midwifery care fee as well as a facility fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept my insurance? 

I will bill any insurance company, benefits vary between plans. All Washington based insurance plans that pay for maternity care will pay midwives but I still encourage you to check with your insurance plan to verify your coverage with a certified professional midwife, licensed midwife. This document can help you know which questions to ask.  

I am currently in network with Premera, Regence and most of the Apple Health plans. I have pending contracts with First Choice Cigna, and United Healthcare and expect those to be in network within the next couple of months (as of 06/2020). 

Do you accept Medicaid plans? Like Molina?


What if I don't have insurance? 

I accept cash paying patients. In many circumstances, I can accept trades of some services if cash or insurance payment is not an option. I am also happy to arrange payment plans.


Do you work with an insurance biller? 
I have a professional contracted biller. Many of your questions may be answered by her, you can e-mail her with questions at





As mentioned, sometimes trading services or items is just as valuable to me as cash. If you cannot afford midwifery care but you have a service to offer, please feel free to reach out to me and see if it's something that my family could use!


We are nearly always willing to trade for (equivalent monetary value of a full midwifery package):

Seasoned Firewood

Gas for our cars

Organic food/produce

Organic meat
Medical Supplies

Currently willing to trade:

General help with clinic renovations

Farm fencing

Decking help

By Appointment Only
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