Tinneca: Back-Up Midwife & Occasional Birth Assistant

Tinneca attends births as an assistant when a specific request is made. 

"I started my journey into womens' health over 10 years ago with the birth of my first son. This personal experience opened my eyes to a vision of healthcare that involved not only the medical aspects of care, but the need for communication, love and respect for each individual woman and her family. I began teaching and supporting women in 2004 and have had the honor to assist in the births of nearly 400 babies. I have worked with clients both in and out of the hospital as a childbirth educator, doula, monitrice and am a Licensed & Certified Professional Midwife. The love of my life and I share the responsibility of raising 5 great kids and a mini farm in Sumner. We also run the Timbercreek Farm & Forest School.​" -Tinneca

Kastle: Student/Assistant December 2013 - September 2014

"I grew up in a very holistic home and always knew that if I were to have children I would want to have them at home with a midwife. Three years ago I started studying at the Midwives College of Utah so that I could help other women with that same dream. Being from the Pacific Northwest I love playing outside, especially skiing and soccer. For a nice relaxing time I like to cuddle up with my husband, kitties, and a good book. I look forward to sharing this beautiful time with you." -Kastle

Kate R: Student/Assistant September 2014 - November 2015

"Born and raised in the south Puget Sound, I am a Northwest girl to the core. As a teen I developed a real interest in women's health and alternative medicine, and it didn't take me long to discover a love of birth. Shortly after finishing high school I trained as a doula, soon learning that midwifery was truly my passion in the birth room. So, in 2012, I left my native Washington for small town Maine to attend Birthwise Midwifery School. Now I am happy to have returned home to continue to my studies with Foothills Midwifery. When I am not buried in my books studying, I can be found outside kayaking, hiking the woods and gardening, or just enjoying food with friends and family." -Kate

Brittany F: Student/Assistant & Current Foothills Midwife

June 2015 - November 2016

“My journey into birth work began in 2011 when I looked down at my own positive pregnancy test. Nervous, excited, and full of enthusiasm I began to do some serious research and decided that an out of hospital birth would be just right for me. In October of 2012 I began to work as a doula and have enjoyed it immensely, but the desire to serve and empower women in a way that would help them find inner strength drove me to begin formal midwifery education at the Midwives College of Utah. In my spare time I’m with with my loving husband, at playdates with my two kiddos, or singing and making music with friends. I consider it an incredible privilege to be able to serve the Foothills Midwifery families and am eager to learn!" -Brittany







Melissa M: Student/Assistant November 2016 - November 2017

"I have been captivated by pregnancy and birth since I was a young girl. After many years of working on prerequisites for a nursing degree for the certified nurse-midwife path, I discovered that I was really called to OOH birth and enrolled in the midwifery program at Midwives College of Utah. I love to be with my husband and children in my free time. I also love crafting all sorts of things and cooking. When I'm not in school anymore I'll also enjoy reading non-midwifery related books again." 

Heather B: Student/Assistant November 2017 - June 2018

The magic of midwifery captured my heart over a decade ago while I was pregnant with my first child.  realized shortly after his birth that I wanted to become a midwife myself, to do the work of holding space for others on the transformative journey to parenthood. My path as a student midwife took my family to the mountains of Tennessee where I undertook my first apprenticeship. In 2015 I began the coursework at Birthwise Midwifery School in Maine. The following Spring, I began apprenticing with a midwife near my home in Maryland. My entire family is delighted with the opportunity to discover the wonders of the Pacific Northwest, and I look forward to working with Terah as I continuously discover magic in the process as I give birth to myself as a Midwife.

Elizabeth (Beth) D: Student/Assistant August 2019 - August 2020

I have been interested in reproductive health since I was in high school but my fascination with birth began much earlier through the stories my mom would tell of her experience with pregnancy and delivery. Since then, I have worked in public health, urban agriculture, food justice, and finally coming full circle, back to birth work. I am passionate about fostering community connections and believe every person is entitled to receive holistic, evidence-based care that honors their goals for their family.

Originally from Los Angeles, I’ve lived in Washington (Puyallup & Seattle), Montana, and even in the Philippines while serving as a US Peace Corps Volunteer. My partner works for Mt. Rainier National Park as a Park Ranger and we have an active toddler and a cat who puts up with our antics. Drinking coffee, being outside, and story-telling in the kitchen are some of my favorite things.

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Kiele A: Student/Assistant August 2020 - February 2021

"I am a mom to two little ones and I am just starting my path into the world of Midwifery as a student at the Midwives College of Utah. I have always been interested in a more holistic approach to medicine and healthcare, and for years I was planning on being a naturopathic nurse practitioner. After my daughter was born (at a hospital) I began to look deeper into alternatives to the standard maternal care that is offered and I was blown away by everything that I was discovering about out-of-hospital births and maternal care. I had the honor of supporting my sister through her first birth and that is when it clicked for me that birth work was where I was meant to be. From there I took a DONA Birth Doula training, got accepted, and began the Certified Professional Midwife program at MCU, and here I am now. I am so excited to be a student midwife under Terah and to be joining her team at Foothills Midwifery. I am looking forwards to getting to know you all and learning from you!" -Kiele A.


Kiana A: Student/Assistant February 2021 - April 2021

Hello! I’m Kiana! I've been a doula for two years and I'm currently in my first year of midwifery school. Before starting, I was an EMT for three years. Being an EMT definitely made me sway into the birthing world. I am a mom to two little girls.